One of our clients had a very interesting problem to solve. It is subject to strict safety standards. In order to be able to carry out the certification required by his clients, each time he must have a complete set of documents for most of the elements that make up his final product. The required documentation is obtained at the stage of purchasing individual parts. It is easy to imagine what confusion in the entire organization can be caused by detecting the lack of even one certificate during the receipt of the final product. Even a small oversight at the purchasing stage can result in the product being disassembled, turning a non-certified part into a certified part, and reassembled.

That is why it was necessary to 1) verify and optimize the existing supply processes in terms of product certification requirements; 2) supporting the procurement process with additional functionality of ERP class software.

We have recently completed a successful implementation. The client is currently able to monitor the state of the documentation required at the certification stage on an ongoing basis, and thus: easily complete the required documentation at the certification stage of its products, using new system tools that we have developed together, including:

  • Defining documentation requirements at the stage of starting a new project
  • Automatic placement of documentation requirements on the printout of the Purchase Order for suppliers
  • Automation of the path of verification and approval of obtained certificates and other required documents
  • Automatic use lock on the production of parts for which the required documentation from the supplier has not yet been received
  • Easily monitor the status of obtaining the required documentation from the supplier
  • Easy completion of all possessed and required documents for certification