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Business process

Our company provides complex solutions within analysis, consulting and process management. On the basis of detailed verification of business functioning during which we collect information how business process in the company currently work, we identify operations performed by hand, supported by IT systems and automated ones.

Based on gained and structured information, taking into account the strategy and company business aims we define:

  • process types
  • we carry out their detailed analysis
  • we recommend dedicated solutions
  • we recommend optimization of identified business process

Information gained about processes are presented in the form of flow charts. This type of business process scheme can be formulated on a piece of paper, on the blackboard or using graphic software which allows to create flow charts. Describing or drawing business procedures simplifies their analysis. Moreover, this scheme represents a process flow map which can be used to create workflow processes. The aim of our work is to establish a detailed scheme showing all possible ways which a record in its company lifecycle may be referred to.

Process management is a collation of continuous and organized actions intended to plan and control the particular process realization so as to achieve its objectives. This involves concentrating the entire company on the procedures that are carried out there. It forces their members to look at things from a different perspective. Employees start to understand that they form part of one great process, on which beginnings are customer requirements and at the end their realisation. All are beginning to see that they are a part of the process. Furthermore, through assimilation of this idea there is a change in the way of looking at the surrounding processes.

Basing on our many years experience, sufficient knowledge, techniques and concepts, we support our customers in the achievement of their objectives through processes which we help to properly define and maintain within organisation, and at the same time recognise many dependencies between them, we identify so-called “bottlenecks” which reduce the organisation effectiveness.

With our strong competencies combined with experience from various industries, we are able to help improve processes in your company. Our Staff consists of qualified business consultants with high level of interpersonal skills especially in matters of a team problem solving. The entire Staff consists of specialists from different functional areas of the company.

Basing on our many years experience, sufficient knowledge, techniques and concepts, we support our customers in the achievement of their objectives through processes which we help to properly define and maintain within organisation, and at the same time recognise many dependencies between them, we identify so-called “bottlenecks” which reduce the organisation effectiveness.

We offer a unique combination of conducting business knowledge with the ability of synthetic and analytical thinking about the firm. We are continually working on modernisation of our offer both in terms of substantial knowledge and provided services

The product of our cooperation is:

  • detailed analysis of the company situation
  • process identification and analysis
  • process verification in terms of goals
  • business process optimization
  • dedicated recommendations for solutions
  • a map of processes completed in BPMN notation
  • the documentation of processes functioning in the company (on different levels of detail)
  • improving the performance efficiency
  • improving the process efficiency, product and service quality
  • arrangement of work through evaluation of actions, decisions, documentation and its workflow
  • allocation of responsibility of the particular elements of the process

As a part of our service we also focus on:

  • identification of the flow of information in the firm
  • identification of the flow of documentation in the company
  • identification of IT needs
  • identification and analysis of weaknesses, so-called “bottlenecks”
  • identification of roles in the company
  • analysis of workload, in other words evaluation of job positions
  • verification of efficiency indicators

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Support and development of ERP, CRM, PDM, PLM

IT system implementation is usually a great event for both the company and the employed Staff. Unfortunately, it does not always end up with a full success. The causes can be different however, they usually lead to one source of the problem, which is an error on the system design stage. The basic determinant to improve the chance of realisation of the implementation task is to establish detailed guidelines and needs of the users of certain IT systems.

On the basis of the experience gained during the implementation works and to guarantee successful and effective implementation project realisation we formulated our own action methodology based on:


Firstly, we conduct a detailed analysis of the existing condition of the company on which basis we analyse links between business process from the perspective of problems present in particular areas and functional units. Based on the information, in accordance with our action methodology we identify and analyse the limitation map of “bottlenecks” and potential risks as well as expected business effects.

On the grounds of the conducted business process analysis, we present comprehensive solution supported by dedicated recommendations. We define the so-called milestones, being peculiar control points of the implementation.

Within our services we focus on comprehensive support with:


Our ultimate aim of cooperation is partnership, based on openness in relations and listenning to clients needs.

Our action methodology and recommended solutions minimise the risk of implementation failure, provide cooperation comfort and guarantee the achievement of assumed objectives as witnessed by the increasing number of our satisfied customers.

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IT Consulting

We provide a comprehensive IT Consulting within implementation of ERP, CRM, PLM and postal network (ZIMBRA) as well as dedicated disk space in the cloud. In terms of support we offer to provide a full implementation process together with service support:

  1. Selection of IT system suitable for the customers’ needs.
  2. Software implementation on customers’ server or as a solution available in the cloud.
  3. Completing the full software implementation process
    • Business process identification (audit)
    • Modeling and optimization of the processes based on implemented ERP system
    • Implementation
    • Training
    • The production launch
    • Service
  4. Full support within software maintenance

Project management

We offer project management implementation services in companies designing and producing on request. This kind of approach is an ideal solution where each product is different from the previous one. Implementation of these types of mechanisms give:

  • clear process of order realisation within the company. Everyone knows who is responsible for what.
  • Easier order realisation management. Each individual order is implemented as a project which has its stages, resources and scope.
  • On every step of the project implementation we have full information on the status of its advancement, potential risks and what is most important the completion date is constantly being updated.
  • Full information for the team of salesmen about the delivery times of just offered products.
  • Order planning based on resource load analysis within the company

Project approach implementation in the organization covers:

  • the current state audit
  • modelling of the project management process
  • IT tools recommendation
  • project management process

Project management process methodology is based on:

  • the company strategy
  • organization requirements about the results that project management implementation might bring
  • good practices taken from recognised internationally methodologies like: PRINCE2, PMI, Critical chain

We also have our authorial tool necessary to run the project in the company, which additionally may to some extend automate the entire process.

Change management

Assuming that good diagnosis of the existing state is the basic change requirement and defining change management as a process, we offer:

  • modelling and implementation change management process starting from the project to the finished product ensuring permanent work on current documents as well as fluent information flow,
  • change implementation always adapted to the company strategy. During the modelling and implementation special attention is applied to maintaining the cohesion between process and needs of the company.

Change maintenance process includes:

  • goals arrangement
  • establishment of importance and the scope of the change
  • identification of the organisational structure
  • the definition of critical limits
  • involving employees in change implementation

Through diagnosis we identify types of changes occurring in the company, both those that derive from internal and external needs.

The management changes can be divided into:

  • adjustment (reactive) and
  • planned (advanced).

We recommend a different approach to radical and incremental changes.
We also indicate the scope of changes:

  • macrosystem, which includes systemic, structural and program changes
  • microsystem, which includes innovations, modifications and improvements

Document management

We offer services within document management which are based on providing an environment that creates optimal conditions for formation, transmission and use of documents in the company. The solutions suggested by us are not based on document management in the classical sense. However, it can be managed in a way to encourage formation, transmission and effective use of the documents available in the company. Therefore, the importance of the issue shall be better defined by “document-friendly company” or “company based on structured documents”.

We help to combine document management with process management in which the documents function. In terms of document management we help companies to implement the rules of management of project and constructional documentation workflow.

Document management processes offered by us are:

  • document creation
  • document finding
  • document arrangement
  • document evaluation
  • sharing and shared edition of the documents
  • re-use of the documents
  • document acquisition
  • document protection and authorisation supervision