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People of industry 4.0

Data and people are an indispensable element of any digitization process. These two areas are key in terms of digital transformation activities. Without data, no analyzes, predictions or planning are possible. Thanks to the data, it is possible to control the operation of machines and make decisions in artificial intelligence systems. Thanks to the data, it is possible to implement hard technologies and, above all, to plan activities. The people in this ecosystem are as important as the data. Thanks to qualified staff, it is possible to better look at the processes inside the company, their optimization and shortening. People are responsible for implementations and their success. It’s people who work in digital transformation, and finally it’s people who make the decisions.

Speaking of people in the context of transformation, I mean Engineer 4.0 and Leader 4.0. Both of these people should have a significant impact on the decisions made as part of the company’s activities in the initiated digitization process.

Industry 4.0 engineer

Engineer 4.0 is a person with knowledge of the technical part of transformation. Usually recruited from maintenance or production departments. This person should be an expert in his field, he should advise and indicate such changes during the activities related to the transformation process so that the production processes become more optimal and thus the production process itself is more efficient. His activities are aimed at ensuring that as much of the production as possible is covered by Anadon and prediction systems. In the area of production and maintenance, it should have the decisive say.

Industry 4.0 leader

The Industry 4.0 Leader is a person in the company who should be a liaison between decision-makers (owner, management) and employees. On the one hand, it must be able to make decisions in the area entrusted to it and, on the other hand, advise the management board in making key decisions related to the transformation process. The Industry 4.0 leader is usually recruited from among members of the Management Board or senior management. It is often a person associated with the area of ​​economics. At the same time, it should have extensive knowledge related to Industry 4.0, and work closely with Engineer 4.0. All its activities should cover all areas of the company, from technology-related issues, through vertical communication, to matters related to the company’s development plans (in both business and financial contexts).

Both Engineer 4.0 and Leader 4.0 are people hungry for knowledge, constantly increasing their areas of interest. People who have knowledge in the field of project management, but also able to listen and talk to regular employees.

A key part of the process

The very selection of the Engineer 4.0 and the 4.0 Leader is therefore a key element in starting the digital transformation process. Often the roles of these two people are played by a team of experts in the company, but someone has to lead this team. Especially in small and medium-sized family businesses, it is recommended that it be an outsider. The 4.0 leader appointed from among the management staff may (of course does not have to) have luggage behind him, which sometimes may not interfere with noticing the necessary changes, may not be able to talk to employees objectively (this also applies to the other party). Therefore, it is possible to consider the appointment of such a person from the outside. This is where the EITT company comes in handy, offering assistance in training Leaders and Engineers 4.0 in the areas of Industry 4.0, as well as the outsourcing service for Leaders 4.0.

It is also important to be aware that the entire process is lengthy and requires patience. The whole process will certainly consume a certain cost, but good planning of the subsequent stages of the change will allow you to control the entire process in such a way that introducing changes in a given area should bring either a reduction in costs or an increase in profits. Let the changes earn for the next changes.


To sum up. In order to meet the needs of the market, SoniqAnalytics decided to launch a course educating the leaders of Industry 4.0. In addition, having a qualified team of experts in the field of the broadly understood Industry 4.0, we can offer the service of Industry 4.0 Leader. Digital transformation activities are important to any business. Carrying out these activities correctly guarantees success. And because people are the key element of these activities – please contact our experts.